Now that the holiday season is in full swing it is more important than ever to think of your loved ones and the perfect gift that would make their lives a little bit easier. If you have someone in your life that drives a truck or loves to travel, these gifts are perfect for your over the road loved one!


  1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Drivers have various hours and sometimes crazy schedules that keep them up until three or four in the morning, so there is nothing more important to a driver than sleep. As lovely as the mattresses in the trucks are, a little extra comfort goes a long way. This way a driver can sleep in comfort without having to pay such a significant expense. Also, the topper is portable and easy to take in and out of the truck. 
  2. Sleeping Bag– In any situation a sleeping bag will always be useful, whether it be for your traveling friend or future camping nights, you can never go wrong with a sleeping bag. The only thing is to try your best not to cheap out on a thin one if you are getting a sleeping bag, the only ones that last and hold in a decent amount of heat are usually a little more pricey. So although they are a bit expensive, in our experience it is worth it for the cold nights in Utah. 
  3. Food Warmer– This item has a similar concept to a crockpot but has a lot more opportunity. Meaning that there are so many different foods someone can keep in here to snack on later in the day, or even keep there Christmas dinner at hand also if they aren’t home. One major plus with the food warmer is that a lot of them come with a cigarette charger that is almost in every car.
  4. Pocket Wifi-A lot of areas on the road have no service, so there will be plenty of time when a driver is out, and they have no way of contacting anyone in case of an emergency. This gift gives your loved one a better chance at constant communication and entertainment. The only downside to this item is that the service can run out, and there are continuous costs. Most pocket wifis require a prepaid sim card, but still cheaper than all those roaming fees. 
  5. Toiletries– Just because they are on the road, doesn’t mean they have to give up the luxuries of excellent shampoo conditioner, body wash, towels, etc. A perfect and surprisingly much-needed gift is a toiletries caddy. Nothing feels better than a nice hot shower after a long day of work, and when accompanied by their favorite soaps and a soft towel, it makes showering at a truck stop a little bit more enjoyable.  
  6. Backpack– Many drivers switch in and out of trucks all the time at their job, and something as simple as a backpack goes a long way. That way they can keep important documents along with personal belongings all in one place rather than have to pile all of their things together and struggle to carry it all.
  7. Dash Camera– All the countless hours on the road give drives a higher chance of running into an incident on the job, whether it be a minor fender bender or an accident, it is still better to be safe than sorry. A dash cam gives drivers the ability to prove fault in the case of a crash. Not only does this gift help keep your loved one safe, but also gives them something entertaining to look through as well. In the chance they want to make a time-lapse or show someone something unusual from the road, the cam gives them an opportunity to share their experiences on the road as well. 
  8.  Inverter– Although many trucks generally have outlets, a lot of the time outlets don’t work, don’t give enough power, or they don’t hold the plug correctly. Whatever the issue, having an inverter is helpful for any situation. Most inverters charged themselves and used in many cases, from jumping a car to charing a phone, this portable device can come quite in handy in a sticky situation.
  9. Heated Blanket– Although the sun always shines in California, that’s not the case for the rest of the country. Truck drivers know just as well as anyone else the importance of packing layers for all the change in temperature on the road. These blankets are a small price for an added layer of warmth in the below freezing weather. 
  10. Mini Crockpot– A lot of the time drivers don’t have the time or means to pack themselves a meal and they find themselves in and out of fast food restaurants, and at some points, nowhere to eat at all. A mini-crockpot is generally big enough to fit about one meal in for lunch or dinner depending on the size, but the crock pot gives your traveling loved one a chance to warm up a healthy home cooked meal, that helps with both saving money and eating healthy.