1. Foam topper- They cost around $40 and are just a thin layer on top of any mattress, but they make a world of difference. They cost less than any memory foam mattress and easily travel with you. Many of them also include a cool gel option to keep things more comfortable. More often than not drivers use trucks given to them by their company which usually consists of the standard thin spring mattress. This changes the game.
  2. Heated Blanket- While driving between each state temperatures changes drastically each night. With a heated blanket, drivers have the option of making their bed a little cozier for the warm night. Rather than have the truck running all night to keep the heater on, drivers can stay warm.
  3. Coffee Before 2 pm- Although this is relative, depending on your driving schedule, it is important to stop consuming coffee at least six hours before going to sleep. While coffee helps to alleviate mental and physical fatigue, it can also cause insomnia, upset stomach, and nervousness.
  4. Stretch- Spending all day in the same chair focusing on the road can cause tension
  5. Small Fan