The holidays have passed, it’s finally time to fully embrace the new year. What better way to do that than to change your career path?

One of the first things people pick for their new year’s resolution is self-improvement, which can be done through health, mental state, and even financial stability. How ever you choose to handle it, anytime is a great time to start. There is just something about the beginning of the year where things seem more possible and opportunity is just around the corner, and with truck driving, it is!

All you need to become a truck driver is a valid license and clean driving record. The next step is getting a Class A license, which takes a little bit of training that can be done at a multitude of truck driving schools and from there you go out into the world and drive. One of the best parts about truck driving is the amount of opportunity.

The trucking industry is one of the few workplaces that doesn’t have any sort of pay gap between men and women, there is no prejudice in hiring, companies are only concerned with your ability to drive. The truck driving industry is also one of the few that will employ those with past felonies. In other words, it is a great career for those who need to start fresh or to get a second chance.

Another great thing about truck driving is that you are never too old to start driving. The only age requirement for truck driving is for those who start out is that they must be 21 years old in order to drive out of state. Other than that you can start driving 18 wheelers at the age of 18.

Now for the best part, the pay, on average Wattrans drivers make anywhere between $69K to $73K annually. On average that is around what other companies pay as well, which means you could potentially make $70K a year by the time you are 20 years old. While most young adults go to a four-year college face possible debt and hope to find a job that pays $45K a year, you’ll have already been in your career for four years making the most for yourself.

There is currently a major shortage of truck drivers in the U.S., we are short by about 50,000 drivers, which is great news for you. That means there are hundreds of companies that are willing to do next to anything to hire more drivers. There are jobs everyone and it a driver’s industry where they can choose where they want to work.

All this position takes is great time management skills and a love for driving. All of your time is spent on the road, there is no boss around telling you what to do or constantly watching your every move. Take the time to be on the road and see all the beautiful parts the United States has to offer. Get started on your adventure today.