Established back in 2001, Wattrans has maintained itself through face to face encounters and personal connections. It isn’t until now, that we have decided to expand ourselves to the social world beyond our area code.

As a company that drives thousands of miles a week, we should be a company that reaches out to people thousands of miles apart.

We have decided to not only update and revamp our website but also expand the ways to reach us. If you’ll notice, on the top right-hand side of our website we have icons showing our new social media platforms.



It may not be much now but we are continuously expanding and working our way towards a more transparent business platform.

We are also starting a, “How To” video section to share some of our knowledge of the trucking business with all who would like to be a part. The videos will range with content from how to balance the weight in a load, to eating healthy while out on duty.

As this is our first time attempting all of these steps we ask our visitors to be patient with the amount of time it takes to get content posted.

We can’t wait for you all to see what we have to offer and hope that it brings us closer to not only our employees but our customers as well.


Thank you,

Wattrans Inc.